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So, the goal was to drop 300,000 rubles from the price of 4,800,000 rubles.

We need to name such a first price so that the owner remembers it well - we cause a shock with the starting price.

At this stage, we compile a list of cons of the apartment, tell the owner that they have in mind housing for 3,900,000 rubles, and therefore we are ready to buy this apartment for 3,900,000 rubles. We send a reasonable offer by mail or messenger.

Calling a much smaller amount in a telephone conversation is very difficult. The reaction of the owner can be harsh, so there is a risk of conflict. By sending a written proposal, you will avoid stress

Now the auction starts. Every 3-4 hours, report that you have “scraped”, borrowed or found another 100,000-200,000 rubles. Ask the owner to think carefully, explain the seriousness of your intentions.

When you raise your offer to 4,300,000 rubles, the ice will break: the owner will think that “he raised you in price” by 400,000 rubles. And most importantly - he will definitely be sure of the seriousness of your intentions.

As a rule, if the owner really really wants to sell the property, he will make a counter step: “4.700.000 rubles, and not a penny less!” (Yes! We won back the first hundred! We reduce the bidding step - now we add 50,000 rubles each).

When you hear in the receiver “Fuck you, we agree to 4,500,000 rubles”, do not thank. The effect is simple - we remember the numbers and events that shock us. The owner remembered your “impudence” when the first price was 3,900,000 rubles. What happened next? You raised the price from the original offer by 600,000 rubles. It is easy for anyone to give up 300,000 rubles when, in his opinion, he “raised you by 600,000 rubles”.

The owner thinks he beat you. He has a feeling of victory - he made you raise the price by 600,000 rubles. The bitterness from the loss of 300,000 rubles was replaced by a feeling of joy from the price increase.



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